Rimac: „The car flew 300 meters..."


The whole world is upset by the accident of the Croatian hypercar #Rimac #Concept_One, that was shot by the popular troupe Clarkson, Hammond, and May on the set for the new episodes of Amazon's #TheGrandTour. As everybody knows, Richard Hammon was driving Rimac's car on Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland but during the testing and recording of the show an accident happened in which Hammond was injured and ended up in the hospital while Concept_One was completely burned down.

Photo: Facebook, The Grand Tour

Photo: Facebook, The Grand Tour

The reasons for the crash and subsequent fire have been speculated for a few days in the public so Rimac, provoked by "connoisseurs" and "their facts" finally appeared on his Facebook profile."Turned to grass? Driving 66 km/h? The car flew 300 meters horizontally and tumbled from a 100 m height. After the first flight it fell on asphalt road 10 m below the place where the fire started. I am not able to tell at which speed it was driven, but I cannot believe what nonsense has been written by people who have no idea, or are blind, or just mischievous,“ Mate Rimac wrote.

Photo: ©VidiAuto.com